January 29th, 2016

толстый кот

Как-то вчера зашла в Курилке речь про SJW...

...и сегодня сама собой пришла идея сериала (с редактированием участника Вельф).


This is a story of simple guys from the Homophobia Treatment Clinic in Detroit Municipal Prison. In the society not safe of dangerous homophobia outbreaks, they help making our world just a little more tolerant. Each Saturday on HBO: "Tight Cases".

- C'mon, guys, we have another problem! Assistent Banger, inform the crew!
- White male, Christian, 2 years of imprisonment for denial of Rianna's supremacy over all these white yelping bitches.
- Situation?
- Doctor Twelve Inches, we are losing him! He now denies his White man Responsibility and Guilt!
- He's goner.
- Silence! We lose nobody to homophobia on my watch! Fix the Patient, I will operate him myself!"