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Утомившись придумывать, что бы такое впарить своим клиентам, Cold Steel обратил свой взор на...

...Страну Медведей и Проблем:


The Shasqua is a exceptional saber, favored throughout Russia, specifically by the fierce Cossack warriors who first popularized its use. Its genesis is enigmatic, but it is suspected to have evolved from a large knife used by the ancient Cossacks for agriculture and building projects. As it looks today, it has a long, moderately curved blade, a broad fuller, and a sharp, useful point.
Undoubtedly, its most distinctive feature however, is its handle which lacks a conventional guard and fits flush into the mouth of its scabbard. This grip has an interesting down-turned pommel which can be of assistance when performing a fast draw. Because the Shasqua was generally employed from horseback, this handle design aided the Cossacks in their mastery of lightning quick raids, ambushes, or the ruthless pursuit of fleeing enemies. When fighting on foot, a combat style that kept the blade in a constant cyclonic motion was adopted to compensate for its lack of a protective guard, and made the most of its ferocious cutting ability.
The Cold Steel Shasqua is a sword of uncompromising quality and beguiling beauty, with a brightly polished decoratively etched blade, complete with fuller and a keen spear point. It comes with a high quality wood and leather scabbard with an ornate chape, carrying ring and throat and a matching traditional handle, it's an excellent, battle ready, reproduction.

Гей, гоп казачка! Гоп-гоп-гоп!

Вот так дивайс, введенный в качестве армейского оружия исключительно из-за МОДЫ, стал экселент сворд с уникальным комбат стайл.))) Видео, надо сказать, бедновато. Как всегда, рубят всякую индюшатину-говядину-свинину (они, кстати, потом все нарубленное съедают, сами говорили, потому, наверное, и такие толстые, как я почти). Хоть бы папаху надели, что ли, или медведя на заднем плане привязали.
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