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У меня есть редчайшая возможность представить вам новую песню группы "Sabaton" еще до того...

...как она была записана!

By Kung-Foo Panda v soavtorstve s odnim horoshim chelovekom (ne ja):


The Honey Trap

Ascending to the heaven in search for liquid gold
The mighty king of forest is fiercely moving forth.
His claws are sharp as daggers, his brain is bulletproof.
He will break through defences to take the precious loot.

Never hold back!
Only attack!
Power and might!
Look for the fight!

It was an early morning, when beast heard "Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!"
This sound like a thunder arose new target marks.
Begin the operation, decide who lives, who dies -
You bring trustworthy comrade - a little armed surprise.

Never surrender!
Only offence!
Fire and steel!
Prepare to kill!

Besieged enemy fortress with full control of land.
Reconnaissance, Computers, Intelligence, Command!
Decisive revolution in modern dense woods fight -
Stealth aircraft is lifting his carcass on the height.

No turning back!
Vision and track!
Precision and speed!
He was born to lead!

Defence on lower levels cracked furily step by step.
Support with Anti-Air was left to his best friend.
Blue zeppelin arising, the master of the sky!
He bravely launched invasion right into the hive!

Just can not wait!
Took cunning bait!
Moved to the air!
He wasn't aware!

Mighty retribution, swarms of angry wasps!
One against the legions, meets the main force.
Thousands pointed needles jabbing during clash -
Deadly poison burning injected in the flesh.

Endure the pain!
Frienship is faith!
Suffer and fight!
Use all your might!

The hero fought with valor, his strength was overdrawn.
In wait for Anti-Air he called friend's fire support.
It's fate you now should gamble, to live and win or die -
You wait for reinforcements to come with help in time.

Just stand your ground!
Bear the pound!
Courage and pride!
Truth is your guide!

In most important moment the boar launched his strike!
It's not the bees who suffered! Gods, what a faked ally!
The brave and mighty hero was shot on rear side!
Insidious backstabbing, guileful bearcide!

[This was the honey trap
For the mighty bear!
Piglet joined enemy's side.
And it is Winnie-the-Pooh
Who fought like a hero,
His honour now is testified!

So Piglet's greatest joy -
His best friend's betrayal -
Forever considered most vile.
And in the history books
This case for many years
Was used as example of guile.]

While falling down from heaven the hero laughed aloud.
He wasn't mighty bear - he was a tiny cloud!
He spread his arms like bird's wings and gently closed his eyes...
Like every faithful hero he hit the ground with smile.
Tags: медведь, мужское, музыка, мы все умрем, не Fallout, не зассали, не фоллаут, поэтство, стихи, хохлы, элитность, юные школьницы

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