bigfatcat19 (bigfatcat19) wrote,

Британские вченые проводят смелый экскремент.

Пояснение тоже прекрасно: "This video was made as part of an introduction to the types of things we do in Civil Engineering and was uploaded by Capture VR. The idea was that there would be a virtual walkthrough of the labs and certain areas could be clicked on and a short video would appear to briefly demonstrate some of the problems involved in civil engineering. The video is to give school leavers and parents a visual that can be understood. Obviously this is not the level the University teaches but it is for people that may have played around with hoses, dug small river beds and experimented with water as children. It also takes some of us back to our schooldays and the oxbow lakes which I did mention but lost to the edit. Hydraulics labs have Venturi meters and flumes, hydraulic jumps, pipe flow, wave energy, open channel flow and many other experiments. This was just a little taster for those that are interested. There are lots of different things that can be done on the flow table but I only got to do one scenario and I'm glad most of you enjoyed it."
Tags: азаза, вкусная и здоровая пища, куита, машинки, не Fallout, не фоллаут, никогда не ешь наркотик, уроки труда в средней школе, юные школьницы

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